Gedicht van de week

We hebben ook internationale gedichten binnengekregen, zoals ‘Webcam and Waiting’ van Joanna Green. Enjoy!



Webcam and waiting


I weep at the sight of a sleeping boy

he smiles and slumbers

To love more is to weep more

to howl, to shudder, to forget sleep

and he smiles, with his hands wrapping him under

our room, I do remember – I weep and watch him sleep

careful to be silent, let the water sink in my skin

it hardens, and they say

‘You look better today’

Because I saw a sleeping boy, because I saw him smile

And because crying makes my cheeks colour

now he turns around – blankets and our walls

He sees me no more. But I love

and I remember our walls, and how we loved between them

and what he did between them, how I am still between them

now he sleeps between them – wrapped under and no longer smiling

No longer weeping, my eyes have hardened

(he closes them)



                                                                                          door Joanna Green






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